The Arizona Department of Revenue is preparing to impose a new tax on approximately 25,000 homeowners, businesses and non-profit organizations who have leased solar technology. If you own your rooftop solar system you will not be subject to this new tax, but approximately 80% of the roof top solar systems in Arizona are leased. This is unfair and just wrong. This new tax on leased solar systems could be $10 to $15 per month. This state agency has decided the value of leased solar systems should be included in your property valuation, thus increasing taxes. Governor Brewer can stop this bad idea.

    Thirty-eight states provide property tax exemptions for renewable energy, typically excluding the value of onsite solar energy production, such as roof top solar, from property tax.

    • This NEW TAX is the utility industry’s latest attack on the rooftop solar industry.
    • This NEW TAX is unfair.
    • This NEW TAX will kill jobs and drive solar companies away from investing in our state, nearly eliminating our chances of Arizona renewable energy.

    Sign this petition asking the Governor to STOP the NEW TAX. Once we have enough petitions, we'll deliver them to the Governor's office and demand Arizona move forward.

Arizona can and should be a leading center of solar energy research, development , innovation and production. We will miss an economic and leadership opportunity for Arizona if we continue to view efforts to expand solar energy in Arizona as pitting rooftop solar homeowners against their local electric utility or as pitting the success of solar installation companies against the profits of electric utilities. Instead of seeing our key challenges as win/loose conflicts we should be looking at how to integrate additional clean and renewable supplies with our traditional supplies in a manner that benefits everyone, uses less water, and develops new innovative approaches that Arizona can export to other regions. I am running for Arizona’s Corporation Commission to ensure Arizona builds a strong economy by achieving our solar potential. Some of the cities that Jim is campaigning in are Solar Phoenix, Solar Flagstaff, and Solar Tucson. Jim Holway, Candidate for Arizona’s Corporation Commission. www.Holway2014.com


"(The Department of Revenue) created this issue when it re-interpreted longstanding Arizona law. As the head of the Executive Branch, it is up to Gov. Brewer to ensure that thousands of Arizonans do not pay higher taxes. Arizona law has a principle that when a tax issue is ambiguous, it must be construed in favor of no tax. ... Gov. Brewer and DOR should follow this law now and publicly announce they will not enforce higher taxes."

Bryan Miller, President of public policy and power markets for Sunrun Inc, in the Arizona Republic

"Now it all rests in the hands of the governor, whose own agency created this mess with a flawed reinterpretation of a longstanding tax law. If the governor, who is often referred to as the solar queen, doesn't step in, then thousands of homeowners and hundreds of schools, churches, and community centers will be hit with this unexpected and unwarranted tax increase."

Court Rich, Rose Law Group in the Arizona Republic

"Tom Morrissey, a former state Republican Party chairman in Arizona who was embraced by the state’s Tea Party groups, called the party’s national leaders “knuckleheads” on this issue. Domestically produced energy is a national security issue, he said, adding, 'If we can keep one dollar from going to people who are killing our kids in Afghanistan, it’s a good thing — and I feel that’s what solar energy does.'"

From the NY Times, Jan 25, 2014

“Monopoly utilities want to extinguish the independent rooftop solar market in America to protect their socialist control of how we get our electricity.”

TUSK, or Tell Utilities Solar Won’t Be Killed. A coalition of conservatives led by former California Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. and the son of Arizona’s Senator Barry Goldwater

More Information

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For more information on the state by state incentives for renewable energy see the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency from the US Department of Energy and North Carolina State University, at Click Here

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We request that Governor Brewer, the Arizona Legislature and the Arizona Corporation Commission aggressively pursue water conservation opportunities throughout the State of Arizona. Additional conservation opportunities should be identified, quantified and pursued prior to major investments in new water importation.

Specifically we ask that our elected leaders convene an interagency task force to identify water conservation opportunities, constraints, costs and benefits. This task force should work with interested parties throughout the state, consult with experts, and develop an implementation strategy within one year for action by the State Legislature, Corporation Commission and Governor.

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